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Looking for affordable Tentage Rental in Singapore?

If you are looking for a Tentage rental company to build your tentage professionally, look no further!

 what is a tentage?

A tentage is a man made structure designed to give shelter or to hold a particular event, the design of tentages vary in many forms. most tentages support their weight by 4 or more stands on each sides and may even need supporting ropes to hold the tentages upright. a tentage is also known as a marquee and the size of tentages can vary. In most occasions, accessories such as Tables, Chairs, Stages, Lights, Fans, flooring, portable toilets,air con or even basic sound systems can be rented additionally to suit for your occasion.  Tentages are easy to dismantle or set up and is very convenient in space constricted places

 Tentage Rental Singapore is a professional tentage rental company which provides tentage rental and also tentage erection for a competitive yet affordable price. We use the best materials for our tentage and we have a wide variety of tentages to choose from for your different events such as carnivals, wedding dinners parties or even annual dinners for companies.

our wide selection of tents available includes Air conTentages, Classic Tentages, Gazebo Tentages, Slope Tents, transparent tents, Semi Round Tents, event special tents or dome shaped tent that you can personalize.

Our employees are all trained to erect your tentages professionally and to provide you with the best service needed. Also, we build the tentages that are rented according to the Business & Construction (BCA) authority.

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